Tapestry Bags - A Classic

Tapestry Bag - inside view
Tapestry Travel Bags
Handcrafted in exquisite tapestry.
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Large Purple Flower
Tapestry Travel Bag
Shades of Green
Tapestry Travel Bag
Red Floral Tapestry
Overnight Bag
Brilliant Desery Figures
Tapestry Travel Bag
Travel in style - This tapestry bag is a classic time traveler more dashing than ever! From stagecoach to jetliner, show your style.
Handcrafted - Quality construction
The contents of each travel bag are easily accessible through a spring loaded, steel frame, tapestry covered opening. This enables the bag to pop totally open or totally shut.
Four brass studs protect the bottom of the bag. The buckle, rivets and studs are brass.
The bottom of this bag has a hardboard insert enclosed within the tapestry for support.
The dye for the leather trim is custom mixed.
Pockets - Our tapestry travel bag is lined with tan cotton and has four large interior pockets providing easy access to items of your choice.
Variety of Tapestry Fabrics - Because of the time and labor required to make each bag, only the heaviest and most beautiful tapestry fabric is chosen. Be sure to view my complete selection of tapestry travel bags in a variety of unique hand picked fabrics.
LIMITED EDITION - Since it is expensive tapestry, I keep the price down by buying the short lengths at the end of the roll. So, if you happen to fall in love with a particular fabric, often times there is no more available.
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We are proud to have these fine handcrafted Tapestry Bags featured in our gift shop.