Funny Birthday cards and ecard greetings are a great way to stay in touch. An unknown author once said a birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!


Funny Birthday Cards

A sample page of our funny birthday cards, ecards and birthday greetings.

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Happy Birthday Guitar Rendition Poet is back with his live jazz guitar performance of "Happy Birthday". He has created two musical Birthday Cards one appropriate for a guy and one for a girl
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  Another section has been added to birthdays...our guitar playing chickens give their own musical rendition of "Happy Birthday".This is a large section and to view them please click birthday ecard choice by age .
Birthday Cards by Age
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Three Wishes
Just finished...this new addition to our funny birthday greetings section. An angel has come (it doesn't appear that he can fly...he is indeed of a dubious origin) to grant you three "Birthday Wishes".
Birthday Wish
Funny Birthday Poem
Our all around perfect birthday card for that someone special in your life no matter the age. Poet does have a way with verse..more of his rhymes can be found in the birthday poems section.
You Sweet Thing
Birthday Card
Folks love humor no mater the why not send one of these funny birthday cards and give a chuckle.
Funny Singing Card
A great birthday card for husbands to send to their wives or a Father to send to his and funny.
Birthday Wish
Funny dance card
An old favorite is this naughty b-day card from the funny section.
Naked Dance
This is the perfect birthday greeting for any smokers you may have on your list.
Funny Birthday Card
"Your Birthday is declared a National Holiday"...Wouldn't everyone love to hear that.
This happy birthday card can be found in the general section.
National Holiday
Funny Birthday Poem
It's your birthday. Invite the gang over with this quick and easy Birthday Party Invitation.
Party Invitation
Galactic Princess Birthday Saga
This greeting is for the Galactic Princess in your life and can be found in the Kid's birthday cards section.
Galactic Princess Birthday Saga
Jedi Warrior Birthday Saga
Jedi Warriors have birthdays too you know. Just another birthday greeting for kids.
Jedi Warrior
Birthday Saga
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