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Happy Birthday Guitar Rendition
A jazz guitar performance of "Happy Birthday". One card appropriate for a guy and one for a girl
Birthday Cards by Age
Our guitar playing chickens give their own musical rendition of "Happy Birthday". You choose the age.
Birthday Card
Folks love humor no mater the date...so why not send a funny birthday card and give a chuckle.
Funny Birthday Poem
Poet does have a way with verse..more of his rhymes can be found in the birthday poems section.
Birthday Quote
Our funny birthday quotes and sayings always get a laugh! This old Roman speaks wisdom beyond his century.
Happy Birthday
The birthday cards in this section can appeal to almost everyone.
Jedi Warrior Birthday Saga
Jedi Warriors have birthdays too you know. Just another birthday greeting for kids.
Just a reminder that time is passing.
Funny Birthday Poem
It's your birthday. Invite the gang over with this quick and easy Birthday Party Invitation.
Free Ecards I can Send
Even though you forgot it's never to late to send a birthday greeting.
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