Our online picture puzzle games are free and fun to play. Enjoy!!!
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Free Online Puzzle Games

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To play the puzzles, read the instructions below and click the picture. Java script must be enabled in order to make the puzzle work.
Picture puzzle
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Puzzle Game
Begin the puzzle game by clicking on a square which has an empty square on either of its sides (left, right, bottom or top). 

This action  will move the square to the empty slot.

"Time" gives you a record of the time it takes to solve the puzzle. 

"Move" counts your number of moves.  When the puzzle is solved, it will flow together into a completed picture without  any lines. 

If you get stuck and want to try a new game, the control panel allows  you can start a new game anytime by clicking on  "scramble!". Have Fun!!!
Puzzles with numbers are easier to solve than  picture puzzles.  For this reason, we have included two numbered puzzles (8 piece puzzle and 15 piece puzzle) for those who would like a little practice on slide puzzles.
We would like to thank  Paul Koerber for allowing us to use the  java applet  he wrote that makes the puzzle game work. 
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